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Tameshia Hicks

I'm Tameshia Hicks owner and haircare professional of Uptown Diva Salon Studio. I am a Certified Extension Specialist and I specialize in Hair Extensions, Braids, natural hair, pressing, Children hair styling and many other styles. I take pride in what I do and making sure that my clients have beautiful and healthy hair is top priority. I am also an educator for Basic Hair Care, Hair care is very important because no matter what you do to your hair it needs to be healthy. You can weave it, glue it, color it, scrunch it, sew it, fusion it, cut it, and press it but if it is not healthy you will not achieve the look you are going for. Unhealthy hair is limp, weak, doesn't hold a style, breaks easily, and looks dull. If you are having any of these problems it is time to come in and see me so we can "Begin the New You". At Uptown Diva Salon Studio we have a relaxing atmosphere. You can lay back and listen to some soothing music while you are having your hair done. The suite is private so that you can enjoy a calm atmosphere before or after work or just peace from the stresses of the day. Come in to Uptown Diva Salon Studio for the beginning of the new you.


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